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Tree Frog may be able to solve whatever issue you're having so you don't need to cancel. If you're having any of the issues listed below, click-thru to see how Tree Frog can resolve the issue!

What's the reason you're looking to cancel your subscription?

1I'm not getting enough followers!

Here's a good rule of thumb when it comes to social media: If a service promises "guaranteed" followers or 'likes', 99% of the time, they're delivering you FAKE results. Don't fall for it. There is absolutely no way to guarantee a set number when it comes to organic growth. Tree Frog believes in real results, and therefore, we will never guarantee any set number to be delivered.

On average, users get 100-200 new followers a week. BUT, the results mainly come down to how well received your instagram pages content is. If your results are not meeting the expected average, you should continue revitalizing your content!

Some other solutions may be to:

- update your targeting: Targeting Update

- update your username and/or password if you've recently changed it: Credentials Update

2I'm getting followers that aren't related to my brand!

When it comes to your account targeting, it's ultimately up to you based on the targets you choose. For more specified targeting, we suggest you choose more niche accounts that don't have millions of followers. More often then not, an account with tons of followers will have many international followers. If you're trying to keep your followers from a target demographic or location, be sure to choose your target accounts carefully so that the majority of their followers will fit your target criteria. It all comes down to proper marketing!

Please submit any targeting updates here: Targeting Update

3*Did you change your password and not notify us?

You can update that right here! Update Password

4*Did you get an email from Instagram with a 6-digit code and not notify us?
When our team attempts to access your account, you will receive a login from a different location in the United States. When you get this prompt on Instagram, please be aware that this was our team attempting to log into your account. Please press “yes, this was me!” After doing so, please check your email for the 6-digit code that Instagram will send you. Once you receive that code, please direct message it to @treefrogsocial on Instagram so we can get your account up and running! Please note: it is ultimately the subscribers responsibility to properly provide Tree Frog with this 6-digit code so we can get your account running on time.
5Tree Frog is too expensive
Tree Frog is less then just $1/day on our Personal level plan! If you cannot afford this, then we understand. Sorry to see you go!
6Nope, I still want to cancel.

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