Can you really use a soap dispenser to froth milk?

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June 7, 2021
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Can you really use a soap dispenser to froth milk?

Some of the most clever DIY ideas and hacks for repurposing common household objects come from TikTok. Although it’s often difficult to root out where a trend started or who pioneered it, there’s never a shortage of helpful tips on TikTok.

With the coffee industry expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.22% for 2020-2025, internet trends related to coffee drinks are especially popular. One of the latest coffee trends is to repurpose a pump-style soap dispenser as a milk frother.

The process for this is easy. After the pump bottle runs out of soap — or after you pour out the remaining soap for those itching to try this hack right away — you rinse the bottle very well to remove any soapy residue. This part is important: If you don’t clean every part of the pump bottle well enough, you’ll be sipping on soapy coffee! When you’re sure the container is squeaky clean, pour in your milk of choice. It might take a few squirts to get the foam started coming out, and then you’ve got yourself some freshly foamed milk!

Foaming milk in a pump bottle is made possible by the same process that enables the container to produce soap foam. Pump bottles have two chambers, with one holding soap and the other pumping out air as the pump is depressed. In essence, foaming hand soap is a diluted form of liquid soap. Similarly, foamed milk is diluted milk, infused with air to achieve the froth we all love.

A content creator on TikTok under the tag @callmebelly and a self-described “goofball in training” posted a short tutorial video for this hack. 

Beloved TikToker @morgandrinkscoffee, a barista, and content creator was among the top comments on the post, asking: “Oh my gosh, can I include this idea in a YouTube video in the future with credit??” Morgan has yet to bring this idea to any of her YouTube videos, but hopefully, that will come in the near future after she receives permission from @callmebelly.

Once you’ve added some foam to your coffee, you can store the bottle in your fridge and use it to top off future drinks. Just be sure to thoroughly clean the dispenser out on occasion and check that your milk hasn’t spoiled before being used again.

A typical milk frother will set you back about $10-12 and can be a pain to clean after each use. This DIY milk frother is free if you already have the correct soap dispenser, and it doesn’t always need to be cleaned after it’s used.

This trend is just as quick and easy to follow as getting in your car to drive to Starbucks, so I say it’s worth giving it a shot! #CoffeeTok and #FoodTok as a whole continue to introduce new hacks that save us all time and money while simultaneously challenging their followers to be innovative and adventurous in the kitchen.

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