Can you open a beer bottle with a car door?

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June 11, 2021
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Can you open a beer bottle with a car door?

Calling all tailgate lovers: the internet is abuzz with a newly discovered trick for opening beer bottles. Apparently, part of a car door can double as a bottle opener.

This hack quickly became a trend on TikTok as the app’s users saw videos of it in action and wanted to give it a try. The trick seems to work with any car, so the trend was accessible to anyone who could get their hands on a car and a bottle.

TikTok user @juandemontrealoficial is famous for his funny attempts to recreate popular videos on TikTok. These videos range from attempting a belly dance to cutting an apple into the shape of a swan. Juan also decided to give the bottle opening hack a try. Juan’s videos always show an original clip and then cut to him trying the featured activity out for himself. While his videos typically end with a comical failure to successfully recreate the original, he actually did manage to open a bottle with his car — with ease. If Juan can do it, anyone can.

Juan’s video was featured on @partyshirt, where the duo Ivy and X frequently post “fact or cap” posts checking the validity of popular TikTok trends. Spoiler alert: This one passed! At the end of the video, Ivy and X assured their viewers that “we do not promote bringing any type of alcohol near any sort of motor vehicle” as a casual disclaimer.

@partyshirtBottle opener? via @juandemontrealoficial

♬ original sound – PARTY SHIRT

After watching that video, you might be wondering what the actual purpose of the little metal ring on the side of a car is. This metal piece is a door catch, meant to latch onto the door when it’s shut. No, car manufacturers didn’t intentionally work a bottle opener into every car’s design. (Although that is fun to imagine, isn’t it?)

There’s no shortage of ways to open a beer bottle — a countertop, door, belt buckle, or even rolled-up bill should do the trick. But if you can’t find any of these items, rest assured that your car door has your back.

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