BTS Announce the Cancellation of The Map Of The Soul Tour

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August 29, 2021
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BTS Announce the Cancellation of The Map Of The Soul Tour

BTS started their road to fame in 2013 coming from a small music company, BIGHIT. Eight years later the group is not only the biggest Korean act but the biggest boy band in the world. The seven members, V, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin, are extremely talented with their dancing, rapping, singing, and stunning looks that they have deserved all the success they have received. The group stands out as well because of the relationship they have with their fans. The fandom, ARMY, always has their backs and is very much appreciated by the BTS members. Unfortunately, there was a wave of sadness the fandom had to face two weeks ago when BTS officially announced the cancellation of their Map of The Soul Tour.

Map of the Soul: 7 (MOTS7) was a monumental album for the group. This album was “deeply personal” to them because of the number seven: BTS make up seven men, MOTS7 was their seventh album, and it was their seventh year being together. V reflected on the last seven years and stated, “We used to be strangers, but these guys are the most precious people for me”. RM added, the album “is basically a love song to our career”. As soon as the record was released in early 2020, it broke the Guinness world record for the “best-selling album in South Korea”. Additionally, it was an immense moment for the fandom to see the hard work the boys had put forward for their album and to celebrate their success. The Map of the Soul Tour was supposed to be epic, but it was postponed because of the emerging pandemic. Fans hoped that their saved tickets would be able to be used as soon as they rescheduled the dates; however, the tour has officially been canceled.

The official statement stated, “Our company has worked hard to resume preparations for the BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR……however, due to changing circumstances beyond our control, it has become difficult to resume performances at the same scale and timeline as previously planned. Therefore we must announce the cancellation….”

The fandom was full of emotions on Twitter as they expressed their sadness for themselves and the group. Tweets include, “MOTS7 was their most iconic era that unfortunately got robbed of its potential because of the pandemic. It really was gonna be their biggest and best tour yet. It’s so sad to see all the massive things they had planned for it go to waste.” Another one stated, “ mots tour was gonna be massive, a festival, celebrating the masterpiece mots7. and it hurts to see all their plans just get canceled like that but I’m trying to hope that things will get better even if it’s slowly and that they will get a chance to show us everything.”

In the last two years, because concerts have been canceled BTS has tried to provide ARMY with as much content as they are able to produce. They continued their variety show, RUN. They had a short reality series called, In the Soop. They released their first English song, Dynamite, and became the first Korean act to be nominated for a Grammy. They released their second album in 2020, BE, which broke its own set of records. They have provided a couple of virtual concerts. They have done multiple interviews and provided behind-the-scenes content and insight into their music.

Even with all BTS has done in 2020 to provide their fans, the feeling of being at a concert is something the fandom eagerly wants back. As concerts start to pick up again, the fandom can only hope that BTS will be able to come back soon with some tour dates. There is no doubt those seven men are working extremely hard with their company to figure out a safe way for everyone to be able to come together again and see the magic that is BTS!

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