Bringing in the New Year with Social Media

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Bringing in the New Year with Social Media

2021’s New Year’s celebration has been like no other New Year’s before; everyone’s always excited about a new year, but, a different kind of excitement is happening for the end of 2020. Most were just glad that this horrid year was finally coming to an end. And with the excitement for a new year and the relief of getting through 2020, some internet users created memes and other fun social media posts to welcome 2021.

One of the main jokes was that all of the world’s troubles would magically disappear when the clock turned to 12:00 AM. Many hoped things would start to go back to normal but, deep down inside, knew that might not happen.

On Tik Tok, many joked about leaving behind the horrible events of 2020. This trend became so popular for accurately reflecting the internet’s attitude toward the new year. Many have realized, though, the world is just starting to live its new normal. 

Another trending conversation was the pronunciation of 2021. 2021 sounds like “ 2020 won” which created a depressing realization for many. Many online related as they also felt defeated by the previous year. Some internet users made jokes like, “ 2020 was actually only the tutorial. 2021 will be level 1”. No one actually wants a new level of 2020 but with everything going on, it’s easier to make jokes about the new year.

A popular trend is when social media users create fake tweets pretending to be someone else and post them on Instagram. In this case, a user posed as 2021 and created a series of fake tweets of what 2021 would say if the year could actually tweet. “I apologize in advance for the way I’m about to act”, “Is my celebration really necessary?” and “Tell me your new year’s resolution so I ruin it.” are some of the ones that were created. The joke spreads a humorous fear of 2021 blatantly stating it is set to destroy our lives again; so, at least if it is a bad year, we were warned.

Social media users created a joke requiring others not to disturb the new year; people tend to make new year’s resolutions and/or begin erratic adventures because it’s a new year, but most did not want that this year. As a joke, everyone should “ walk into the new year quietly” so that 2021 would not be upset, and allow for the world to have a good year. 

It’s no surprise that there are social media posts spreading humor as it clearly has been a comfort to those dealing with anxiety over the situation. Sometimes making light of the situation helps with the pain and processing of it. We are all hoping 2021 will be a better year than 2020 but until we fully experience the year, we can all spread a few laughs through social media.

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