Biggest potential upcoming concerts and tours in 2021

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July 16, 2021
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Biggest potential upcoming concerts and tours in 2021

As the second half of the year begins, the world is grateful that some sort of normalcy is coming back to everyone’s lives. Vaccination rates are increasing, so all the activities and events people enjoyed before the pandemic can start again. In the music world, artists are starting to have the opportunity to tour again! As singers make concert plans for the next few months, fans cannot wait to see these live shows. Here are some of the most popular songs of 2021 that music lovers are dying to see performed in person. 

One of the first is ‘Driver’s License’ by Olivia Rodrigo. It released on January 8th and was destined to be one of the most iconic songs of recent pop culture. The world’s interest in ‘Driver’s License’ was sparked because of the drama and rumors surrounding who the song was written for. However, the reason it stayed on the charts was because of Olivia’s musical talent. The melodies, the lyrics, the pain, and the heartbreak moved so many listeners. In April of this year, Rodrigo released her debut album, Sour. The album received plenty of praise as her other tracks ‘Good 4 U’ and ‘Déjà vu’ have been on the top 10 of the billboard charts for consecutive weeks. The album features heartbreak, pain, teen angst, and drama which is what Olivia strived for as she commented, “I want it to be, like, messy”.

BTS is the biggest group in the world. The South Korean Boy band has been making many moves and breaking records since the end of the last decade. They are not stopping anytime soon as they have come into the new year and decade with a bang. ‘Butter’, is the second English single the band has ever released. Their first one “Dynamite” was the first song by a Korean band to be nominated for a Grammy. ‘Butter’ was dedicated to being a tune for the summer, “ ‘Butter’ is a very fun song, very lively. The melody too, it’s very addictive,” band member Jungkook commented. ‘Butter’, even, broke five records just 24 hours after its release.

One of the most addicting tunes of the year has been ‘Peaches’ by Justin Bieber. It was released in May as a part of Bieber’s new album Justice. The track features Daniel Caesar and Giveon which became both of their first #1 Billboard hit while the seventh for Justin. It molds a multitude of genres together like R&B, trap, soul, and pop. There have been rumors that the song is about Justin’s wife, Hailey, as it has plenty of swooning lines. In June there was a remix with Ludacris, Usher, and Snoop Dogg.

‘Levitating’, ‘Kiss Me More’, ‘Bad Habits’, and ‘Forever After All’ are a few of the other well-liked songs of 2021. In all, as artists are getting ready to tour again, we can expect more music for fans to get excited about the upcoming performances!

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