5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Like a Social Media Pro

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January 21, 2018
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5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Like a Social Media Pro

Any business that’s truly succeeding today is utilizing Instagram. But with constantly changing algorithms depleting the amount of attention your posts organically receive, brands are looking for dependable tips and tricks to getting their posts seen by more and more people. We asked the social media professionals what their best practices are, and got these five tips:

Post Frequently

It might seem obvious to the majority, but posting more content on Instagram is definitely one of the most important practices to increase engagement on your posts. Studies are showing that posting once per day (be sure not to overdo it) is optimum, and the top social media agencies are recommending this as well. You can even look into your Instagram insights (you need to be a “business profile” to do this) and monitor what time of day is best to post by observing when your followers are most active! Content is truly king.

Like for a Like

No, we don’t mean to use the #likeforalike hashtag that you did when you first started Instagramming and wanted to increase your photo likes. We mean to, quite literally, like photos in your feed and they’ll be more likely to like yours in return! Instagram rewards users who engage with others in the app by putting that user’s photos in front of others. For example, if Mary ‘likes’ George’s photo of his new puppy, there’s a good chance Instagram will have Mary’s selfie post pop up in George’s feed next time he opens the app. Real friends like other friend’s photos on Instagram. If you don’t have the time to spend hours a day ‘liking’ your friend’s photos, you can always leave that to a social media growth service, such as Tree Frog to handle that for you.

Comment. Follow. Engage.

After you’ve “liked” a fair amount of your friends’ photos, add “commenting” and “following” to your immediate “to-do” list. Be sure to take the time to comment on photos you find cool, interesting or complement your brand, and follow other engaging users who would be interested in your brand (again, if you don’t have the time for this, we strongly recommend utilizing Tree Frog or similar services to take these tasks off your plate). There have been countless studies on what generates the most engagements, and commenting and following have skyrocketed the results.

Quality > Quantity

Yes, we did say to post on Instagram once per day, but you don’t want the quality of your posts to slide as a result of digging for more content. With how quickly phone camera technology is advancing, there’s no reason to post blurry or pixilated pictures on your professional Instagram. Take the time to properly light and stage your photos, find the best editing apps, and put the time in on the post-production end of things. If this sounds like taking on a second job, try to network with professional photographers in your area or schedule some professional photo shoot opportunities. Perception really is the reality to your Instagram followers, and looking professional will never go out of style. In fact, a more professional and high-quality profile will increase the likelihood of gaining more engaging and quality followers.

Use Varying Hashtags

There’s a new obstacle diminishing post interaction for tons of users more and more every day. Yes, unfortunately, the rumors of “shadow-ban” are true. Using the same hashtags on your photos over and over can cause your photos to eventually not show up under those select hashtags. You can easily avoid shadow-ban by using varying hashtags per post. This will help keep your hashtags more specific to your changing photos as well! For example, when posting food pics, use food-related hashtags. Music posts = music hashtags. Sports = sports hashtags. You get the idea. Get in the habit of posting photo specific and customized hashtags to avoid shadow-ban from decreasing your posts’ engagements.

Our final suggestion is to look towards services such as Tree Frog, to save yourself the time and energy needed to upkeep your professional Instagram. Luckily, Tree Frog and other social media growth services can take care of the nitty gritty so you can concentrate on posting high-quality content as well as your career!

Best of luck, and happy IG’ing!

Ryan H.
Ryan H.
Entrepreneur, brand developer and social media specialist, Ryan Hertel is the creative director of a social media growth service, Tree Frog, which he launched in 2017 alongside his business partner. Ryan travels back and forth between his companies and clients in New York City, Philadelphia and Scranton Pennsylvania. 

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