2020 Pop Culture Run Down: Movies and TV Shows

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2020 Pop Culture Run Down: Movies and TV Shows

Even with the halt of production for most movies and TV shows, 2020 was still a big year for the film industry.

One of the top TV show hits of 2020 was The Queen’s Gambit which was released on Netflix. It became the most-watched scripted television series that appeared on Netflix with 62 million views during the first 28 days of its arrival. The show was about a young girl who became one of America’s best chess players and her struggles as she accomplished that dream.

Another show was The Crown, which released its fourth season this year and it mainly followed the story of Diana, the late Princess of Wales’s life before her passing. The Crown has been a hit since its arrival a few years ago and depicts the story of Queen Elizabeth II.

Love Island USA season two premiered in late August. Love Island brings a couple of singles to a resort where they try to find love with the possibility of winning money. As the weeks pass, each week there is a recoupling that takes place in which the girls or the boys get to choose who they would like to couple up with. The person not chosen to couple up with is sent home so the goal is to stay until the final four couples to have a chance of winning $100,000. The Love Island franchise started in the UK and has also been in Australia before it began in the US. This was the first year a Black couple won the competition. Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew found love with each other and won $100,000.

Other popular shows have been Emily in Paris, Normal People, Grand Army, The Great, Never Have I Ever, Love is Blind, and more!

With the theaters closed, films still managed to be released thanks to streaming services. In the romance genre, After We Collided, the sequel to After, was released in the US in October; the sequel showed the heroine, Tessa, and the hero, Hardin, trying to navigate their college romance. Another romance movie was The Happiest Season which premiered on Hulu over the holidays; it became a huge hit, especially for the LGBTQ community, as it featured a lesbian couple coming home for Christmas, but one of the partners has not come out to her family yet. 

Another popular movie was Mulan; the Disney live-action remake was released this year. However, it was highly controversial. One of the reasons was its delayed release due to the pandemic. It was put on Disney plus, however, users had to pay an additional $30 to see it, which was annoying because they were already paying for a subscription. Another reason for controversy was that a part of the movie was filmed in a region of China where there was at least one million Muslims in internment camps.

Other big hits include Midnight Sky, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Rebecca, The Prom, 365 Days, Holidate, Like A Boss, and much more! 

In efforts to raise spirits and money for charity, casts of many tv shows and movies had zoom reunions. Just to name a few, the casts of productions like Pretty Little Liars, Mean Girls, The Office, Legally Blonde, Teen Wolf, The Parent Trap, and 90210 all participated in a reunion for charity. Some reunions had the actors and actresses talk about the experiences they had during production while others reread scripts. 

Hopefully, these new tv shows and movies helped watchers pass that time during quarantine. What were your favorite movies and tv shows of 2020?

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